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Bed Bugs

“Our Goal is to eliminate all bugs and eggs in one day”

Important note: if you capture a bug and feel it may be a bed bug save it for identification.  Some bugs are mistaken for a bed bug such as the carpet beetle larva, nymph of a German roach, or small beetle.

Control Tips:

  • Never pick up appended furniture – most common way to get bed bugs
  • Never use bed bug foggers as this will kill some bed bugs but place many more into a deeper harborage site.
  • While traveling inspect room for bed bugs before bringing in your belongings
  • When you return home keep your luggage outside and bring your clothes in for washing. Thoroughly inspect your luggage paying close attention to the seams


  • A complete inspection of the property to identify areas of infestation and spread of the bug.
  • Treatment consist of Heat, Steam, vacuuming, product application, traps, monitors, encasements, and insecticidal dust.
  • Our focus is in population reduction, breaking the life cycle, and follow up inspections.

Estimated price Range:

Inspection $50-$125 (when you don’t know if you have bed bugs)

Active Monitoring $125-$275

Treatment $695-$1895 This is completely dependent on the level and spread of bed bugs

Franklin Facts:

  • Most people bitten by bed bugs have no reaction
  • A female bed bug can lay 1-7 eggs a day and hundreds in her life time.
  • They can withstand temperatures of nearly freezing to 120 degrees.
  • Although they are not known to transmit disease people dealing with bed bugs may experience sleeplessness, anxiety, social isolation, and stress.
  • Bed Bugs only feed on blood, and can live for several months without a blood meal.
  • Bed bugs spend over 95% of their time hiding in cracks and crevices

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