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Control Tips:

  • Clean up and remove the fly’s food source
  • Fix holes in screens and areas where flies are entering
  • Clean out trash cans and residue on the cans
  • Flies love dog poop, get out the pooper scooper and get scooping


  • Inspect property to identify cause of infestation
  • Broadcast Perimeter application of residual insecticide
  • Application of fly bait

Estimated Price Range: $95-$175

Franklin Facts:

  • There are over 100,000 species of flies in the world.
  • Flies can fly in any direction, including upside down and backwards
  • There hairy sticky feet allow them to land virtually anywhere
  • Flies lay their eggs on food, fruit, animals and rotting flesh
  • Scientist estimate that flies carry almost 2 million types of bacteria, which leads to disease
  • A female fly can lay 2,500 eggs in a month