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Mice Control Dayton, OH

Control Tips:

  • Seal openings around your home with steel wool and silica gel
  • Remove trash and debris from your structure
  • Inspect your yard for burrows where mice may be living
  • Remove food sources or seal in plastic container especially dog food


  • Inspect property for cause of mice infestation.
  • Place rodent bait stations in strategic locations
  • Place bait into harborage areas
  • Apply snap traps and glue boards in travel areas

Estimated price Range: $175-$275

Franklin Facts:

  • Mice and other Rodents invade an estimate 21 Million homes a year in the United States looking for food, water and shelter
  • Mice like to eat 15-20 times a day so they like to be close to a food source
  • Since they like to eat a lot they also poop a lot 40-100 droppings a day
  • Mice spread germs such as salmonella and hantavirus along with over 200 human pathogens
  • A female mouse can have a litter of pups every 3 weeks, each litter containing about 12 pups (150 in a year)
  • Mice can squeeze through an opening as small as a dime and will chew wires in your home making it susceptible to house fires.

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